chef’s Humm is the brainchild of East Anglian restaurateur Cameron Marshall who was determined to find a solution to the persistent odour or ‘humm’ that results from working long hours in the kitchen and the inability to get rid of it. He believes he has achieved this by creating his own ‘scent pyramid’ in collaboration with a Yorkshire based soap manufacturer and Hertfordshire based fragrance company.

The two launch products are a hand wash cream and a refreshing shower cream that he is confident will be a ‘sweet smelling inspiration and solution’ to professional and amateur chef's alike.

  Cameron's Story

When I return home from service in one of my kitchens, either the award winning Boathouse Restaurant (Dedham, Essex) or The Kitchen (Thorpeness, Suffolk) it is always nice to be greeted with a kiss from Claire my wife and my little boy Tommy. However, I'm generally greeted with "Phwoar darling you really do humm a bit!"

Like chef's all over the world I have learned over 24 years in the trade that you can't just sweat onions, prepare fish and sprinkle tumeric with your fingers for a living day in, day out, without it affecting your body odour. Over the years since I became a chef I have tried almost anything and everything to rid myself of this 'humm'. From carbolic soap scrubs to steaming hot showers, yet still I cannot shake off the dreaded 'humm'

So for the sake of my darling wife (and everyone else who comes within close proximity) I resolved to create my own 'magic formula' to rid the world of this 'humm once and for all'

I hope you enjoy the products and find them as successful as what I do! 


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